Crusader Kings 2's Monks and Mystics DLC trailer screenshot

If you've ever felt like your playthrough of Crusader Kings 2 just doesn't have enough scheming, backstabbing, and good ol' fashioned assassination, worry not as the newest DLC has you covered. The aptly named Monks and Mystics brings with it secret societies, monastic orders, devil worship, a secret brotherhood of sacred murderers, and a whole bunch of other, equally bizarre additions.

For those of you looking to learn out a little bit more you'll find the recently posted launch trailer right below. I'll also include the official list of features as it has a few tidbits of information the trailer doesn't really cover. Anyway, have a look:

• Societies: Characters earn new powers and encounter new events as they climb the ranks of religious societies.

• Monastic Orders: Stay on the holy path of charity and good works, building churches and serving the poor.

• Devil Worship: Secretly worship the masters of darkness in a quest for great powers that will smite your enemies and extend your life.

• Assassins and Hermetics: Join a secret brotherhood of sacred murderers, striking at all who undermine the faith or try to fuse the holy and the mundane through study of alchemy and astrology.

• Relics and Special Items: Characters can acquire holy relics, masterwork weapons or elaborate piece of jewelry. Store them in your treasury to gain prestige and other benefits.

• New Orders for Councilors: Your closest advisors will never be idle, with new general instructions that let them use their Talents while sitting safe in your castle.

And much more

If this sort of madness sounds like something you might enjoy, you can grab Monks and Mystics from either Steam or the Paradox Store at a €15/$15 price tag. Have fun, and just make sure to not get caught!