Close up screenshot of a Lord from Total War: Rome 2's Empire Divided DLC

Total War: Rome 2's Empire Divided DLC is set to arrive later this month, bringing with it 10 new factions and a whole bunch of new features to toy around with. You can expect to see stuff like banditry, plagues, cults, new general skills, new narrative technologies, updated building chains, new units, an overhaul of the politics system, and naturally, a variety of balance changes.

While the recently posted gameplay preview does not offer a good look at the battles themselves, it should give you a solid idea of what the new campaigns will play like. So if you're even remotely interested in Empire Divided, I'd recommend you check out the video below. Have a look:

If you're eager to learn more about Total War: Rome 2 - Empire Divided, you should head on over to Steam. Creative Assembly has done an excellent job of highlighting all of the major features, so you should get a good idea of what to expect.

On the other hand, if you're just wondering about the release date, you can expect to see Empire Divided this November 30th at a €15,30 price tag. Its also worth mentioning that Empire Divided will not be a standalone release like Total War: Attila - you will need the original Total War: Rome 2 in order to play it!

Total War: Rome 2 - Empire Divided screenshot of war elephants