Automatron DLC is coming on March 22nd for $10

Automatron is the first in a series of expansions planned for Fallout 4 that brings with it murderous robots, a new story chapter, and most importantly, the ability to create your very own robotic abomination by combining various pieces of scrap.

It will be out on March 22nd, and in order to give you an idea of what sort of madness you can get up to with your new robot companion Bethesda has released a teaser trailer. Have a look, it has robots with eye lasers!


When I first saw the announcement for Automatron, a month or so ago, I called it a filler piece of DLC as I expected your robotic companion to be just that, a simple companion. I am glad I was wrong, however, as the trailer above showed an expansion with a lot of work put in to it, both in terms of the overly cheesy story and the amount of new robots you get to either mess around with, or simply mess up. Color me impressed.

The Automatron will be arriving to a wasteland near you on March 22nd, with a price tag of $10. The second DLC, Wasteland Workshop, will be arriving in April with the final, and most expansive one of them all, coming in May.