Cossacks 3 screenshot showcasing a naval battle

Continuing on with the tradition of poorly named HD remakes we have Cossacks 3 - an HD remake of the original RTS classic that released back in 2000. Cossacks 3 brings with it twelve playable nations, 70 different unit types, over 140 different buildings to construct, and naturally, a whole bunch of historical battles to fight.

Since trying to briefly explain grand strategy games is a nearly impossible task, allow me to instead show you the most recent gameplay trailer. It should give you a good idea of what Cossacks 3 looks like, and more importantly, what it plays like. Have a look:


As for whether Cossacks 3 is any good or not, that is a tricky question to answer. From everything I've read so far the gameplay is pretty damn close to the original Cossacks game and rather enjoyable, though there is an obscene amount of bugs and glitches you might have to work your way through in order to actually experience it. Crashes are frequent, victory conditions sometimes don't feel like registering, online multiplayer is a bit of a mess, your units can occasionally explode for literally no reason, and the list goes on.

The developers are working on these problems, however, so there is some hope that Cossacks 3 will eventually reach a fully playable state. Until then, if you're having trouble with your game crashing or other similar technical issues, head over to the FAQ where the developers have listed out a couple of possible solutions.

While I heavily recommend you wait a couple of weeks for this whole mess to blow over, the more adventurous among you can grab Cossacks 3 on Steam for $20/€20. Have fun, and here's to hoping you don't encounter any of the problems mentioned above.

Cossacks 3 screenshot showcasing a massive battle

Cossacks 3 screenshot of a player base