If you've been around the past few days you would have noticed how I complained about Killing Floor 2 adding microtransactions to the game while its still unfinished and in Early Access with slow update roll-outs.

As it turns out the Zed-Conomy is a small part of a bigger update that only got reveled the day after by PCgamer. It boggles my mind why they wouldn't release these two announcements at the same time and avoid needless criticism but here we are. So what else is coming with this update?

Let's get the already known out of the way, the update will contain paid skin chests (much like those CS:GO has) as well as item trading between players. The skins are separated in to a couple of tiers by their rarity and everything except the final tier can drop randomly during normal gameplay. You can see how I would be a bit miffed if this was the only thing they're going to add after a very long break from major updates. Luckily the patch has quite a few more things to offer.

The first and biggest addition is the return of the Patriarch, the big bad end boss from Killing Floor 1, though it seems the years were not kind to him as he seems a bit...worse off. Allow me to demonstrate:

Patty in his younger days

New and... improved?

The Patriarch will have a 50% chance to spawn instead of the current final boss, Hans. Also, he used to impale you with his chest flower thing... now, well, just take a look where the spikes are located.

Quickly moving on after that mental image - there will be two new maps: The Black Forest and The Farmhouse. All I can say about this is that I hope they learned what made the Farm map so boring in Killing Floor 1 and that this new and updated version of it will be a lot more fun to play in.

There will also be 6 new weapons as well as a whole new perk (read class), what any of them are we don't know as of yet but I'm guessing it will be revealed as the update gets closer to launch.

And the final big feature is Steam Workshop & Mod integration. If you've ever played Killing Floor 1 then you know how crazy some of these mods can get, they ranged from simple things like new maps or monsters to total game conversions, in any case, fun stuff.

There are also going to be bugfixes and other things like that but they weren't mentioned for now, they aren't as exciting as new weapons and bosses.

All I can say for the end is that I'm glad they didn't go full on Overkill (Payday 2 makers) with Killing Floor 2 and microtransactions. While I still find it silly that the actual content of the patch got announced a full day later after the paid fluff I'm definitely happy the game is seemingly coming along well. As I mentioned in the previous article, I spent a lot of hours with Killing Floor 1, I want to see this one surpass it, I really do.