Consotrium: The Tower has been fully funded on Fig

Its amusing, and rather encouraging to see how one's fortune can change so suddenly. When Consortium developers attempted to secure funding through Kickstarter in January, they found themselves with less than half of the desired amount, and yet here we are, six days in to their Fig campaign, and its already surpassed its $300,000 goal.

The interesting thing to note here is that the majority of funding comes from investors, $224K of it to be exact, with "only" $80K coming from the backers themselves, which is slightly less than half of what the Kickstarter managed to originally gather ($182K) during its month-long campaign.

With Consortium: The Tower's development now fully secure, the next step is to see how far the stretch goals will expand the original concept. The first one is set at $350,000, and will give players the ability to dismantle items in to three components which can then be used to either upgrade your equipment or create new pieces. In other words its a crafting system, and given how much loot RPGs tend to shower you with, its a most welcome addition in my eyes.

Consortium: The Tower in-game screenshot

As for the gameplay, Consortium: The Tower has the humble goal of simulating the long-term impact of your every decision. What this means is that if you go through the game by being a nice guy, talk your way out of problems, or dissolve violent situations, you will most likely be welcome wherever you go as your reputation would precede you. On the other hand, if your only solution to problems is to make those problems go away, ideally by shooting them in the face, you will find yourself quickly facing increasingly hostile enemies, and potentially even your own organization who might declare you as a rogue.

Consortium: The Tower is probably best described as a modern take on the concepts Deus Ex attempted to bring to life so many years ago: the ability to form permanent and realistic relationships with characters, have numerous solutions to every single problem, and most importantly, have even your minute choices make some sort of an impact on the world. Its certainly not going to be easy for The Tower to accomplish all of its lofty goals, but I look forward to seeing what the developers can cook up.

If you would like to pitch in towards Consortium: The Tower, and receive a copy of the game once its complete, the cheapest tier will set you back $20. The campaign is currently sitting on $304,000 in funding, and will ends on May 12.

Consortium: The Tower's strange UI effects

A glitch in the matrix?