Conan the Barbarian from Conan Exiles

One of the things that initially caught my attention with Conan Exiles was the full support of not only community servers, but also user created mods. Because let's face it, survival games tend to have a plethora of issues that make continuous play more annoying than it needs to be, which is exactly where mods can come in to save the day.

While the server customization was available since day one, the Dev Kit has been withheld for a little while in order to iron out all of the kinks. As you can probably guess from the title, it is being withheld no longer, so if you ever wanted to create mods for Conan Exiles you now have a chance to do so. Just do bear in mind that you will need to download the Unreal Launcher in order to access the Dev Kit.

Once you have your mod prepped up and ready for release it should be a relatively simple process to share it with the world via the Steam Workshop. Speaking of which, there are currently only around 50 mods available, most of whom are visual in nature given how that its the fastest to develop. And before you even ask, yes, there is not just one, but multiple mods that all relate to making naked barbarians all the prettier. Its good to know the community has their priorities straight!