A Boy and His Blob released on Steam this January 19th

A Boy and His Blob is a colorful puzzle platformer with very stylish visuals and cheerful narrative wrapping all of it up. The gameplay centers around the use of jelly beans in order to transform your Blob friend in to various tool and objects needed to solve puzzles and progress through the levels.

It first released on the Wii a couple of years back to some rather good reviews and is now out on PC & Steam as well, once again with a great reception. Here's the trailer that came along with the release:


If you're an oldschool gamer and all of this somehow sounds familiar to you don't worry, you're not insane (I hope). A Boy and His Blob is actually a reimagining of an old school NES classic called A Boy and His Blob: Trouble In Blobolonia which came out way back in 1989 and featured some hellishly difficult puzzles. 

I played it as a kid and let me tell you, the rumors of its difficulty are not exaggerated because after watching a youtube playthrough of the game I realized all of my memories on the game are from the first few hours. 

Thankfully A Boy and His Blob is much kinder to its players but that did come at the price of difficulty which took a bit of a nose dive, as you might expect from a game targeted at a somewhat younger audience. It is still a fun and cheerful game however so if you're in the mood for something light I'd recommend you give it a try, at €8,49 it won't set you back much.