Snake Pass screenshot of the cute snake and its bird friend

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a snake, and you're also a fan of retro collectathons, you'll be happy to hear Snake Pass is currently free to grab. Simply head on over to the Humble Store, grab yourself a copy, and you'll be ready to slither straight off the map in no time! There is a bit of a time limit, however, so do make sure to snatch a copy within the next two days.

As for what exactly Snake Pass looks like in action, that you'll find out through the launch trailer below. Have a peek, it's quite a colorful one:

Before you even begin adventure, I do have to give you a little bit of a warning. Like I mentioned in my review, Snake Pass is one of those games you'll have to play for an hour or two before it finally clicks with you. The reason for this is because the controls will feel completely alien and unintuitive when you first start, but once you get a grasp on the physics and what Snake Pass expects of you, they will become about as solid as controls for a snake can possibly be.

So if you're planning to give Snake Pass a try, don't get discouraged within the first few levels - it really does get better with time. Have fun!