Codemasters have hired almost all of Evolution Studios' staff

Despite never playing any of Evolution Studios' titles (MotorStorm series, Driveclub, etc.) it was still rough hearing about Sony laying off the entire company after having them make well-received PlayStation exclusives for over a decade.

Thankfully, Codemasters have come to the rescue, and have picked up the majority of Evolution Studios employees with the intent to make a company that's all about creating the very best AAA racing games.

Best of all, these new games will be made from the ground up as multi-platform titles, so both PC and Xbox racing fans will finally be able to get a taste of Evolution's work.

There is a tiny bit of bad news, however, as all of the technology, IP, and tools Evolution used for their games is still in the hands of Sony, who I doubt is going to simply relinquish them. But then again, I doubt it will matter much as Codemasters already has their own in-house racing engine, and now also the talented crew that made those IPs as famous as they are.