Code Vein screenshot of a giant monster

The Dark Souls series may have ended, but its unique take on strategy and difficulty has given rise to an entirely new genre of action games. One such game is the recently announced Code Vein, a combat focused RPG that revolves around exploring a collapsed world and fighting a constant stream of challenging monsters. 

As you'll see in the gameplay video below its obviously not a Dark Souls clone, but there is enough of its influence present to make it rather intriguing for fans such as me. So if you're curious about what Code Vein is all about, here's the recently posted E3 trailer:

The most unique part of Code Vein is the simple fact that you will always be accompanied by an AI partner. But don't worry, this won't be a long and torturous escort quest! Instead, your sidekick will be there to help you extend your combos, defend from surprise attacks, and unleash combined strikes in order to take down some of the larger beasties. Dragon's Dogma has already proven that you can have great AI companions, so here's to hoping Code Vein will manage to do the same as well given that the idea is pretty damn cool.

You can expect to see Code Vein on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018, though no specific date has been given just yet. If you would like to learn more, though there is unfortunately not much information available, you should head over to the Bandai Namco website. And finally, here's a couple of images from 'Anime Souls':

Code Vein screenshot of a dark cave

Code Vein screenshot of a frozen waterfall

Code Vein screenshot of the lost enemies