Code Vein screenshot of a boss fight from Frozen Empress

Despite some development trouble, Bandai Namco's Souls-like Code Vein ended up being a pretty darn good game. Yet, for whatever reason, Code Vein's DLCs have so far been nothing short of a disappointment.

Hellfire Knight, the first DLC, released in late January and was both incredibly uninspired and incredibly short. That wouldn't be too big of a deal if the price point was appropriate, especially since the last boss was actually quite fun, but alas Hellfire Knight was and still is €10. So while I would love to say that the newly released Frozen Empress has fared much better, it's sadly pretty much the same story.

In other words, expect to see a couple of new weapons, Blood Veils and alternate costumes for your partners to play around with, as well as a fairly short level to explore. The enemies are once again just the same ones you've already seen, but on the positive side, the last boss does appear to be even more interesting to fight than the one from the first DLC.

Needless to say, I wouldn't exactly recommend diving into the Frozen Empress right now. However, if you can get the Season Pass at a hefty discount, it might be worth checking out just for the new gear and boss alone. That said, I really do hope the next DLC will feature a bit more creativity. Code Vein really does deserve better!

You can learn more about the Frozen Empress, as well as keep track of any further updates, over at Steam.