Chronos from the Lawbreakers game

Lawbreakers is an upcoming FPS with a rather casual relationship with physics and common sense, with the end result being a fast-paced arena shooter that features some unique mobility options. The general idea behind it is to make a return to the classic FPS gameplay of old, mostly through the overuse of explosions, near-constant action, and gibs flying all over the place.

If you're wondering what all of this will look like in action you will have a chance to personally find out as the closed alpha for Lawbreakers is set to begin later this month. Until then, however, a simple trailer will have to suffice:


In order to sign up for the closed alpha you will need to navigate to the official website and click on that giant shiny button up top. Just make sure not to do any of this at work, or anywhere else where people might think less of you if your speakers suddenly started blasting out profanities and explosions, because both of those things are abundant with Lawbreakers... who could've guessed.

The launch date for the alpha, along with numerous other gameplay details, will be revealed during this year's E3, in about 10 or so days.