LawBreakers will no longer be free to play

LawBreakers is an upcoming FPS in which even the laws of physics can be violated, resulting in a fast paced arena multiplayer experience with some rather unique mobility options.

It was initially slated to release as a free-to-play title, but due to an increase in scope and worries about balance the team opted to instead make it a fully-fledged paid release. Here's the most recent gameplay trailer and a few words from CliffyB on why they abandoned the free-to-play model:

"As the game continued to take shape, we realized free-to-play wasn’t the right fit for what we’re building. LawBreakers is a competitive game at heart and that means balance is a big priority to me, my team, and our community. Using a digital premium model helps ensure an even playing field by giving fans access to every available role without any barriers.

Being constantly compared to the current slew of colorful shooters on the market made us realize we needed to stand out from the crowd. We decided to take a step back and explore how we could dial up the maturity in LawBreakers, going back to our original vision. The new look and feel embraces the innovative and vertical nature of our game elevated by violence, intensity and competition.”

LawBreakers allows you to shoot over your shoulder

Real men don't need such pesky things aim... or hearing

As strange as this might sound, I'm actually glad LawBreakers is going to a proper paid title. On one hand I'll be able to spend less money on virtual cats in Path of Exile, but on the other I can at least ensure that the FPS I'm buying is going to be fully featured and without any of the annoying grind that many free-to-play games arrive with these days.

While I was only vaguely intrigued by LawBreakers until today, this change has transformed it in to a game that I plan to follow through to release as this world a lot more competently done arena shooters, a genre that has only recently started showing signs of life.

LawBreakers is coming in the summer of 2016 and even though no price has been given, CliffyB has specifically stated that it won't be priced as a standard AAA game.

Lawbreakers is a gravity bending arena FPS