Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders artwork showing off the characters

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is an action-strategy game released back in 2004 for the original Xbox. The gameplay consists of primarily rushing into hack & slash combat with a variety of unique characters, as well as ordering and upgrading your armies in order to help even the odds. A fairly simple formula, but given Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders' cult following, it would appear that it's one that has been handled quite well.

As such, I'm pleased to say that you won't need to dig up an original Xbox in order to play Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders anymore as it has now received an HD remaster on PC! While the remaster itself is fairly basic, mostly just improving the widescreen support and adding an option to use mouse & keyboard controls, the actual gameplay seems to have made the transition to PC without any real problems.

Speaking of which, you can get a pretty good idea of just what Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders looks like in action through one of the trailers down below. Have a peek:

You can also learn more about Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy, by hopping over to Steam. Have fun!