Civilization VI official artwork for the Rise and Fall expansion

Without even a single announcement of its imminent arrival, Civilization VI's first major expansion "Rise and Fall" has now made its way to both macOS and Linux. In terms of content you can expect to see nine new leaders and eight new civilizations, a new city loyalty system, the ability to station governors into cities, emergencies and great ages, as well as a variety of other relatively minor features.

As with most ports these days, the Mac and Linux versions of Rise and Fall have not been created by the developers themselves, but rather by a third party studio - Aspyr. If the name doesn't ring any bells, you might be glad to hear that they have worked on the Mac and Linux versions of both Civilization V and VI, meaning they already have plenty of experience so the port should by all accounts be a solid one.

If you currently own the Windows version of Rise and Fall on Steam, there is no need to purchase an additional copy as simply buying one gives you access to all three. A minor benefit in the grand scheme of things, but a welcome one regardless.

The only problem with this whole announcement is that the Rise and Fall expansion is fairly mediocre. It features a large amount of content, but very little of it actually impacts the gameplay in any major way. So unless you're a massive, massive fan of Civilization VI, I would honestly recommend to just wait for an inevitable sale as €30 is just too much for this kind of expansion.

You can learn more about Rise and Fall, as well as Civilization VI itself, by heading over to Steam. And just for good measure, here's one of the developer videos discussing some of the new features. Enjoy!