Civilization Beyond Earth promo artwork

Civilization: Beyond Earth has received a pretty mediocre reception, mostly because it felt like a slightly different version of Civilization 5 rather than a spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri as many have expected, but its still not a bad game. Though is it good enough to actually purchase?

If you're currently residing on the fence and are looking for an easy way to resolve this conundrum, you'll be glad to hear that Civilization: Beyond Earth is completely free-to-play until Monday, 10am PST. Most interestingly, however, its not Steam that's holding this little promotion, but rather Humble Store in collaboration with GameSessions.

You can download your free trial by heading over here, though you will also need a free GameSessions account in order to actually take advantage of the promotion. Furthermore, if Beyond Earth ends up being something you find yourself enjoying, you can grab it at a 70% discount and its expansion at a 40% discount. Since there isn't much time left I would suggest not postponing for too long or you might just miss your chance, or worse yet, have it downloaded just in time for the whole promotion to end.

On a slightly unrelated note, here's the cinematic trailer for Beyond Earth, one of the rare few trailers that gives me goosebumps every time I watch it: