Cities: Skylines pedestrian focused expansion Plazas & Promenades artwork and logo

[Update]: After eight years of updates, city-building sim Cities: Skylines will be getting an ambitious sequel in 2023.

Despite releasing many expansions and even more updates, Cities: Skylines never figured out a way to let players create cities without having everything centered around cars. It didn't matter if you were fleshing out a historical city center or even a small community in the middle of nowhere - everything, always had to be surrounded by roads and cars.

Thankfully, with the freshly released Plazas & Promenades DLC that is no longer the case. With the expansion you can now create pedestrian-only streets, designate pedestrian areas and special policies for those areas, as well as further customize your city with an assortment of new objects and district specializations that allow you to dictate the types of buildings that are going to be constructed.

What all of this looks like in motion, that you can get a pretty good idea of through the announcement trailer below. Have a gander:

As is tradition, the paid Plazas & Promenades DLC has also brought with it a free update, though this one is a bit more focused than usual. In other words, it brings with it 18 new roads to mess around with, the ability to automatically quit after saving the game, as well as a couple of bug fixes. Like I said, it's a very focused one!

You can check out the full list of improvements, as well as everything added through the Plazas & Promenades DLC, over at Steam. Enjoy!

Cities Skylines: Plazas and Promenades pedestrian focused DLC screenshot of a colorful park

Cities Skylines: Plazas and Promenades pedestrian focused DLC screenshot of a brand new pathway