Cities: Skylines Green Cities expansion screenshot of an eco-friendly store

After somewhat ridiculous content like blimps and giant monorails, Cities: Skylines will soon be going eco-friendly with the new Green Cities expansion. As you might expect from the premise alone, there will be a variety of new structures and parks, electric cars and public transportation, alternative service buildings, eco-friendly stores, and the list goes on for quite a while.

Besides the paid content, the expansion will also bring with it a rather significant free update. The details are unfortunately still a bit shaky, but it would appear we'll be getting electric cars, road modding, changes to the whole pollution mechanic, more beautification options in the form of extra parks and trees, as well as a variety of similar features. You can get a good glimpse at what all of this looks like through the recently posted teaser trailer down below. Have a gander:

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities will be coming this October 19th at a $13 price tag. While it hasn't been explicitly confirmed, you can expect the free update to arrive alongside the DLC, as it has been the case many times before.

To learn just a little bit more I would recommend you shuffle over to the Paradox website, but don't expect to find much as Paradox likes to keep us all in the dark until the launch date is just around the corner. And finally, here's the original announcement trailer as it features a couple of buildings and cars not seen in the video above. Enjoy!