Cities: Skylines 2 official artwork and logo

After nearly a decade of updates and expansions, Cities: Skylines will soon be getting a bigger and more technologically advanced sequel. Once it arrives this October 24th, Cities: Skylines 2 will bring with it fully realized transport and economy systems, a wide variety of new construction and customization options to mess around with, as well as a much better simulation of how each city and its inhabitants operate.

Perhaps most importantly, Cities: Skylines 2 will follow in its predecessors' footsteps and come with a suite of modding tools to help players add all-important features like a Sponge Bob themed sewage pipe. There is unfortunately one bit of bad news. Since Cities: Skylines 2 has been built from scratch, it's highly unlikely that any of the more interesting mods from the original will be easily ported to the sequel. Instead, they'll almost certainly need to be rewritten from scratch as well.

As for what exactly Cities: Skylines looks like in action, that you can get a pretty good idea through one of the recent gameplay trailers. Have a peek:

If you're itching for more information about the new or updated systems, you'll be pleased to hear that the Cities: Skylines 2 team has been releasing a variety of previews showcasing some of the more minute details. You can find the full list over at Youtube, along with the accompanying developer insights.

For those of you that prefer the written word, you can learn more about Cities: Skylines 2, as well as keep track of any important updates, over at Steam. Enjoy!