Heroes of the Storm welcomes Chromie as a new hero

After the announcement trailer was accidentally released a couple of days too early, Blizzard has finally confirmed that both Chromie, the time-controlling Bronze dragon with an obsession for Gnome girls, and Medivh, the all-powerful mage, will be arriving to Heroes of the Storm in the near future.

Naturally, since this is Heroes of the Storm we're talking about, this news was instantly followed up by the reveal of a whole bunch of new consmetics, including the mounts that will serve as rewards for the current pre-season. Have a look:


Once Chromie arrives to the Nexus during the week of May 17 she will officially be the first representative of both the various Dragonflights, as well the Gnomish faction. In order to live up to all of that expectation she brings with her the highest kill-potential in the entire game, though at a significant player skill requirement.

You can find an overview of her abilities, as well as what combos you can accomplish with them, in the spotlight video below:


Medivh on the other hand will be a ranged specialist that's all about disrupting the opposition. He is able to polymorph enemies in order to get them out of the fight, use a miniature Dark Portal to transport himself and his allies, shapeshift into an invincible raven, and if all of that wasn't annoying enough, stun enemies with a powerful directional stun. As you might expect, this powerful of a kit comes at the expense of damage, but even with all of that considered, Medivh should easily find his place amidst the Nexus once he finally lands (har har) during the week of June 14.

As with Chromie, here's the spotlight video showcasing all of Medivh's abilities:


The last thing worth mentioning is that Heroes of the Storm is going to get a brand new Ranked play system next week. It will be modeled after the tried and tested one from Starcraft 2, and will separate the playerbase in to various tiers and sub-divisions.

Most importantly, however, it brings with it numerous rewards (ranging from cosmetics to gold) for everyone that participated in ranked play during the pre-season. In other words, if you're anywhere near the breakpoints for better rewards, it would probably be prudent for you to do a couple more games and hopefully get yourself a shiny new elemental wolf.

Heroes of the Storm hero Medivh

Medivh in all of his off-center glory