Khemri skeleton from Blood Bowl 2 carrying a football

Blood Bowl 2, in the most basic terms, is an insane combination of American football and Warhammer brutality. Each match features about as many murders as it does touchdowns, mostly because half of the 'athletes' are Orks, Chaos abominations, or other such lovely inhabitants of the Warhammer universe. As it turns out, when you have two groups of highly aggressive and incredibly deadly creatures staring each other face to face, "playing ball" isn't really the first thing that comes to their mind!

Things are soon going to become even more interesting as Blood Bowl 2 has just added the Chaos Dwarfs and the Egyptian themed undead warriors of Khemri as playable faction. If you own the Team Pack bundle the two factions will be instantly unlocked for you, while everyone else will need to spend €7 per each new faction in order to see them spill blood on the field of... football?

As you might expect from a race of undying abominations, the Khemri team posses the ability to regenerate, so even if you 'accidentally' stomp them into the ground they will eventually come back. And unlike the other undead team they are also capable of actual thought, which means they can block, run, and pass the ball almost as well as living creatures. On the other hand, their fragile and decrepit bodies are easy to break down, so good luck trying to keep your star players alive throughout the whole match... well, as alive as an undead can be!

As for the Chaos Dwarfs, they are primarily defense-orientated, but they are also more than happy to engage in some good ol' fashioned melee combat should the opportunity present itself. Their main strategy revolves around keeping a very powerful front line, while their Centaur retrievers actually play the game itself by focusing on the ball. Their biggest weakness is their poor ball-handling skills, which means that the some of the sturdy Chaos Dwarfs will need to be replaced with the fairly squishy Hobgoblins - a potentially massive problem should the enemy team get behind your front line.

If all of this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can find more about Blood Bowl 2 and its various factions over at the official website. And finally, here's a couple of images showing off the two new teams:

Blood Bowl 2 angry Chaos Dwarf screenshot

The Khemri front line from Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 screenshot of a Chaos Dwarf centaur