The Witcher 3 is getting an official Gwent card game

Given that your starting Gwent deck in The Witcher 3 sucks more than a black hole its very easy to dismiss the whole minigame as just a simple diversion, something like dice poker from the previous games in the series. However, after investing a tiny bit of time with it I found Gwent to be strangely irresistible, so much so that I've managed to collect every single card and probably add a good dozen hours to my playthrough, all thanks to this fairly simple card game.

If you share a similar experience, and I know for a fact there's many of us out there, you'll be delighted to hear that CDPR is working on an official Gwent card game! This news comes from Nerdleaks who had managed to spot a new trademark and logo registered by CD Projekt, one that quite clearly states Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

While this isn't official confirmation, I think its quite safe to assume that the Gwent card game will indeed be happening. Even though it started off as a bit of a meme Gwent's popularity has become quite widespread over time, and as you might guess given the influx of card games in recent months, they're a very lucrative business prospect. Gwent has all of the ingredients for success at the ready, so why not give it a try?

As for me, I really do hope the Gwent card game ends up being a thing. I've spent numerous hours battling innkeepers throughout the Northern Kingdoms, and I would love it if I could try my hand against some actually skilled opponents. There are some balance fixes that need to be done (the worst offender being the legendary dragon with a built-in scorch), but other than that I can see Gwent working out as a proper card game, so bring it on CDPR!

On a somewhat unrelated note, The Witcher 3's latest expansion Blood and Wine recently came out. Besides being pretty damn good, as noted in my review, it also brings forth an entire new deck for you to toy around with, as well as big Gwent tournament, so if hustling virtual cards is your passion don't forget about Blood and Wine.