Devil May Cry 5 screenshot of Nero in battle

Over the past few years, Denuvo has proven itself to be a fairly reliable anti-piracy measure. It eventually gets cracked, just like all of the rest, but the time it takes is usually enough for most major games to get past their biggest sale period.

However, as with anything specifically designed as an anti-piracy measure, there is always a chance of false positives. Same thing with performance issues that may appear due to either some mistake on the developer's side, or due to sheer bad luck on the part of the player. So while I understand why it's being used, I'm still happy to say that Capcom now appears to have removed Denuvo from Devil May Cry 5!

The exact details are currently few and far between, but from a quick glance online, it seems that players are reporting faster load times and slightly higher FPS since the update. Whether this is purely due to the removal of Denuvo, or if Capcom also snuck in a small performance update, I'm afraid I don't know. Even so, if you ever had any technical problems with Devil May Cry 5, this would be a pretty good time to give it another try and see if the issues have been resolved.

Have fun, and if you're interested to learn a little bit more about Devil May Cry 5 itself, you should head on over to Steam.