Call of Duty: Modern Warfare screenshot of the Warzone battle royale mode

[Update #2]: The newest Call of Duty game, Black Ops Cold War, has now been unleashed alongside a surprisingly good singleplayer campaign.

[Update]: Fortnite has now followed suite by reducing its PC install size by around 60GB!

While most games require a lot more space on the disk that they have in the past, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is taking things to an absurd level. With all of the updates and game modes combined, the install size is well over 200 gigabytes! This not only makes it a nightmare to keep installed on your SSD, but also to download as 200 GB is no laughing matter for most Internet connections.

With all of that in mind, I am very happy to say that Modern Warfare is now looking to make things at least slightly better on PC. Once the next update arrives, you'll be able to uninstall parts of the game in order to save precious space and hopefully be in a position where you can have a grand total of two games installed on your SSD at once!

There is one bit of bad news, however, and that would be the simple fact that the Warzone battle royale game mode is nigh mandatory for multiplayer to function. Apparently this is because all of the shared data for weapons and operators is stored there, so even if you're only playing in standard multiplayer, you'll still need to keep Warzone around.

Highly disappointing to say the least, but at this point I'm sure Modern Warfare players will be happy to save even a couple of measly gigabytes. That is, until the next update arrives and increases the size by another 20 GB for seemingly no reason!

Here's to hoping the size reduction will be a noticeable one, and if you're interested in learning more about Modern Warfare and its updates, you should hop on over to the official website.