Call of Cthulhu official screenshot showing a giant gate

Call of Cthulhu is Cyanide Studio's upcoming video game adaptation of the classic pen & paper RPG called (you guessed it) Call of Cthulhu. As you would also expect from any game heavily influenced by Lovecraft's writing, Call of Cthulhu will have you instigate a mysterious cult filled with misshapen figures in dark robes and otherworldly horrors, as well as try and figure out what in the world is happening before you go well and truly insane.

Since trying to explain this through words alone is a bit of a pointless venture, I am very happy to say that the developers have now released an hour-long and unedited gameplay preview of Call of Cthulhu's very beginning. So if you ever wanted to know what Call of Cthulhu is all about, have a good look:

I'll reserve my judgement for when I actually get my hands on the full game, but so far I have to admit that Call of Cthulhu is looking pretty damn enticing. While the gameplay itself seems alright, it is the atmosphere and visuals that have captured my curiosity the most. After all, I am a sucker for any game that goes all-out on immersion, and so far Call of Cthulhu seems to have that in spades.

How exactly the atmosphere will hold up after hours and hours of gameplay, that I'm afraid I don't know, but thankfully we won't have to wait for too long to find out as Call of Cthulhu is coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this October 30th. You can learn more about it, as well as follow any future developer streams, by visiting the official website.