Outriders artwork of the force shield in action

While it's a little bit late to the party, Outriders is a co-op focused looter shooter from the team behind Bulletstorm and Painkiller. In Outriders you will have a choice between four distinct character classes that you can then further customize by gathering a massive array of items and upgrades found throughout the world, all in an effort to to fight ever-increasing hordes of baddies for even more delicious loot. In other words, Outriders is indeed a looter shooter!

Since all of that heavily hinges on the actual moment-to-moment gameplay, and that happens to be something that's hard to describe through words alone, allow to me share with you the recently posted gameplay overview trailer. It should clue you in quite quickly on just what Outriders has to offer:

When it comes to its actual quality, Outriders is pretty fun to mess around with, though nothing truly special. The big problem is that despite being yet another looter shooter in a sea of looter shooters, Outriders currently costs a rather chunky €60. As such, I am seriously worried if there's going to be much of a playerbase left a few months down the line - something Outriders definitely needs if the developers are to continue creating new content for it.

So while I'd highly recommend checking out the demo and seeing if Outriders is your type of game, I personally wouldn't dive in at the current price point. A few months down the line once the initial bugs have been fixed and the inevitable spring sale slashed its price, then that would be a different story entirely.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be you can check out the demo, as well as learn more about Outriders, over at Steam.