Screenshot of BRINK from the PC free-to-play version

According to its initial marketing campaign BRINK was going to be a revolution, an exciting blend between storytelling and team-based combat. It sounded far-fetched even back then, but with features such as parkour and massive levels to roam in many people were more than eager to overlook a couple of flaws as long as the gameplay was enjoyable. Unfortunately, BRINK ended up being a disappointment in pretty much every respect: combat, parkour, story, and PC port quality.

Very little has been heard of BRINK since its 2011 release date, yet for some reason it has now appeared on Steam as a fully free-to-play game! According to the user reviews the PC port is still in absolute shambles, but I would recommend you give it a look regardless, if for no other reason than to get an understanding of how brilliant BRINK could've been.

For those of you interested in seeing how so many people got roped into an unfinished and unpolished FPS, allow me to leave you with one of the original launch trailers. Its quite spectacular, and despite knowing where BRINK stands right now I can't help but get swept away by it. But enough rambling from me, here's the video: