Blood Bowl 2's Undead team screenshot

Blood Bowl 2, an insane combination of American football and Warhammer brutality, is getting a brand new DLC later this month. Since one of the biggest problems on the field is getting your star player's head caved in, why not instead recruit an entire team of skeletons, ghouls, zombies, mummies, and other such undying abominations. They even come pre-killed!

The Undead DLC will be given out for free to all owners of Blood Bowl 2 on the day of its release, while those that purchase the game afterwards will need to shell out €7/$7 for their chance at undeath. Besides the Undead, there are currently two more DLC teams planned for Blood Bowl 2: Necro and Nurgle. The same arrangement works for them as well, so if you own the game on the date of their release, you will get them for free.

In order to ensure that the Undead team arrives with all of their limbs accounted for, the developers have scheduled an open beta test next week. If you're interested in trying out the Undead before their release later this month, and hopefully ensuring that they release as balanced as possible, you will have a chance to do so soon enough.

Finally, if you would like to grab yourself a copy of Blood Bowl 2, you can do so at a 60% discount during the currently ongoing Steam Summer Sale. Before you do so, however, just make sure you are aware that the reviews for Blood Bowl 2 are quite polarizing, with some absolutely loving it and others absolutely hating it, and most importantly, that despite its action-filled screenshots its still a turn-based tactics game.

Blood Bowl 2: Undead Team on the field