Winston from Overwatch looking rather angry

[Update]: The issue has now been fixed. Control maps are no longer a 40 minute "waste of time" in ranked mode.

Overwatch's Competitive Mode has only come out a couple of days ago, and unfortunately it has not been smooth sailing since release. The big problem right now is that all ranked games played on Control maps only reward or deduct an absolutely minuscule amount of rating. What this means is that you can win 9 games in a row on Control maps, lose 1 on any other game mode, and then suddenly find yourself losing an entire rank despite your win percentage being absurdly high.

Given the dire nature of this problem, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Blizzard is already on the case. In a recently posted update, the Game Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the team is well aware of the issue and that they are currently working on fixing it as fast as possible, or failing that, disabling Capture maps until they are able to correct the underlying problem. Here's the full quote:

"Last night, though, we uncovered a bug that is causing skill rating to not be adjusted properly in our Control Maps (Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios). This bug is a top priority right now and we're hoping to have a fix ASAP.

No plans to reset skill rating. Basically, very little skill rating adjustment is happening in either direction. It's a zero-sum bug. The skill rating system is entirely player-relative. This is a bug that affects everyone equally. Your losses on Control maps are also not being adjusted as much as they should... The bottom line is Control maps aren't really adjusting players in either direction as much as they should. On the bright side, wins still yield competitive points...

The fix will be live soon OR we will disable the Control maps."

While its unfortunate any skill rating caused by the bug will not be readjusted, I am still happy they are working on sorting out the problem as soon as possible because I want to get back to enjoying the ranked mode and actually facing challenging opponents. Until the update comes, however, I am going to stick to Quick Play and I would suggest you do the same unless you feel like causing undue amounts of frustration for yourself.