Junkrat screenshot from Overwatch

While the Overwatch team seems to be stumbling through the dark in search of ways to make Roadhog both balanced and enjoyable, the newly announced Junkrat buffs are exactly the opposite. Not only will these new changes make him a better and more viable hero outside of the lower ranks, but they will also raise his skill-ceiling and enjoyment factor by a considerable margin as well!

The details are still incredibly vague, but according to Principal Designer Geoff Goodman Junkrat might be getting 2 charges on his Concussion Mine, and yes, this will allow him to triple jump to ridiculous heights! Chances are the Concussion Mine damage will need to be nerfed in order to compensate for this, but that is a small price to pay for greatly increased mobility and more consistent damage. It might not sound impressive right now, but when you're being harassed by a pesky Genji or Tracer that extra Concussion Mine is going to be exactly the sort of thing you need to either secure a kill or just blast away like Team Rocket!

Geoff has also confirmed that the team is experimenting with buffs to Junkrat's ultimate, which I do believe currently holds the title of "most useless ultimate in the game". The team is currently split between giving it either more movement or health, but not both as that would quickly become oppressive at the lower ranks. I would personally like to see it have more speed so you could at least have some sort of chance at dodging enemy fire, but at this point pretty much any buff to Junkrat's ultimate is going to be an amazing one.

While the release date for these changes hasn't been announced just yet, Blizzard did say that the Roadhog buff will be hitting the PTR in the near future... so hopefully that will mean the Junkrat tweaks will be in there as well. I certainly hope so because I haven't seen a Junkrat in my games for about half a year now, so for me its going to be like Blizzard decided to release another brand new hero alongside Doomfist!