Overwatch teaser for the 27th hero Emre Sariglou

[Update #2]: According to a recent leak it would appear that the next hero isn't Emre, but rather Reinhardt's 'squire' Brigitte.

[Update #1]: A second 'teaser' has now arrived, and sadly it brings with it very few details about the upcoming hero. You can check it out over here.

It is well known at this point that Blizzard releases new Overwatch heroes every ~4 months. Combine this with the fact that Orisa was first teased on February 21st last year and it shouldn't come too much of a surprise to hear that Blizzard has now begun teasing the much-anticipated 27th hero as well.

The details are still lacking so take everything with a few grains of salt, but apparently the next hero is going to be Emre Sarioglu. The only concrete thing I can tell you about him so far is that he's from Turkey, although thanks to an accidental leak we did also find out that Blizzard is either planning to add a new map set in Turkey, or at least some sort of PvE mission. I certainly wouldn't mind a new map because if we go by the current release schedule the map type is highly likely to be King of the Hill (Oasis, Nepal, etc.), and that is a mode I have never seen anyone complain about!

The only other thing worth mentioning is that we're likely to get a bit more information on how Torbjorn lost his arm and eye, though I can only hope that will be handled through a short comic rather than a single tweet. Whatever the case may be, at least we're finally getting some new lore after what feels like an eternity of waiting!

As for Emre's release date, I think you can expect to see him around March 2nd as that is when Orisa arrived onto the PTR. The full release, if history ends up repeating itself, should be on March 21st. All of this is pure speculation, however, so don't be surprised if the actual dates end up being slightly different, although I don't expect them to be too far off. Once we get more information I'll make sure to update you, but until then I'm afraid all we can do is sit and wait.