Overwatch Anniversary Update screenshot of the new Dorado Elimination (arena) map

[Update]: The Overwatch Anniversary patch has now arrived to the live servers. You can check out all of the changes and cosmetics by heading over here. Have fun!

With Overwatch's birthday just around the corner Blizzard has announced that the Anniversary event will run from May 23rd until June 12th (most likely). The Anniversary Update will bring with it a new game mode, new maps to toy around with, a couple of balance changes including a buff to Hanzo, a whole bunch of cosmetics, and also the much-requested dance emotes!

While none of the new legendary skins have been revealed just yet, Blizzard did post brief videos showcasing the three new arena (elimination) maps, some of the dances, as well as a bunch of memes voice lines. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't seem to be creating the correct code to embed some of these videos, so if you're interested in the new voice lines you can find them here, and if you're looking for the arena map previews you will find those over here. As for the dance emotes, you'll find those right below:

While all of these reveals are definitely exciting, I must say its quite strange to see Blizzard tease so much in single day. Could this mean they have something even more exciting than new maps and the long-awaited dance emotes to showcase in the next few days? I've heard a few rumors that a Mei cinematic short is in production, and while its existence has never been officially confirmed it would represent a good reason for Blizzard to front-load all of the cosmetic announcements like this. Whatever the case may be, the next few days are certainly going to be exciting!

Overwatch Eichenwalde arena (elimination) map from the Anniversary Update