Overwatch Numbani Airport attack that destroyed OR15 defense bots

A couple of days ago Blizzard released an 'interview' with inventor Efi Oladele during which they heavily hinted towards the existence of an Omnic hero. The spotlight instantly fell on the much-anticipated Doomfist, but the developers were quick to state that this new hero is not someone we've seen mentioned previously.

The story became a lot more interesting earlier today, however, as Blizzard posted an image of a fairly devastated Numbani airport. As you might remember, one of the final lines in Efi's interview was about her upcoming flight, so this attack clearly had something to do with either her or her invention.

But that's not the only thing that happened in Numbani, because if you go to the PTR right now you will find that the Doomfist gauntlet has been stolen! While this is certainly exciting, it brings with it a rather peculiar question: if the 24th hero is going to be someone we've not seen previously, why start teasing Doomfist right now? Could it be that Blizzard is aiming to release not one, but two new characters with the next patch?

While I would love to give you a straight answer, I'm afraid all of this is currently nothing more than speculation. On the positive side, chances are high we'll get a whole bunch of new information (or the hero itself) on February 28th, as that is the start of Season 4 and the 'standard' Overwatch patch day. Until then make sure to follow the Overwatch Twitter for any new tidbits.