World of Warcraft: Legion's Illidan

World of Warcraft's upcoming Legion expansion is bringing with it some far reaching changes and brand new features, so its understandable how some players might be confused about what exactly they are and what's their significance in the grand scheme of things.

In order to correct this little problem and hopefully give the community a good idea of what Legion is all about, Blizzard has recently released a rather lengthy "Legion Extended Preview" video that goes over the new zones, dungeons, bosses and features coming in on August 30th. Have a look:


While it might sound incredibly boring compared to a whole bunch of new dungeons and legendary weapons, my favorite new feature coming in with Legion are the improved combat animations. After playing World of Warcraft for well over 10 years I'm more than eager to see a bit of variety added into the attack rotation, especially on Night Elves, Worgen or other such races that currently never, ever stop spinning while dishing out damage.

Outside of such cosmetic changes, I'm also looking forward to playing with non-homogenized classes given that the Legion pre-expansion patch has brought with it numerous class reworks and re-balances. Speaking of which, the pre-expansion patch is already live, so if you want a sneak peek at how all of the classes with perform in Legion, now you have the chance. However, I would recommend waiting a week or two before resubscribing as the entirety of the pre-Legion event is not yet available, so you're most likely going to spend a whole lot of time doing absolutely nothing.