Overwatch's Lucio fighting Tracer

Overwatch's first competitive season was slightly rushed to the starting line given the overwhelming community demand, and while it was mostly alright there are certain aspects of it that were and still are straight up infuriating. Who doesn't love having nearly every Payload map resolved through a 50:50 coin flip?

Thankfully, Blizzard is aware of these issues and once the competitive servers finally go down on August 17th (5:00 pm PT) they will begin implementing a variety of fixes in order to ensure that the second season, which starts on September 6th, will offer a fair and balanced competitive environment.

On the more interesting side of things, however, Blizzard has also revealed what sort of prizes the players can expect to see once Season 1 ends. You will find the list down below, but just keep in mind that only your historically highest rating is being considered, so don't worry if you've encountered a slump as you'll still receive an appropriate reward:

• Everyone: Special Season 1 player icon and spray

• SR 0-39: 10 Competitive Points

SR 40-45: 20 Competitive Points

SR 46-49: 40 Competitive Points

• SR 50-52: 60 Competitive Points

SR 53-55: 80 Competitive Points

SR 56-59: 120 Competitive Points

SR 60-64: 200 Competitive Points

SR 65+: 300 Competitive Points

Top 500: Even more special Season 1 player icon and animated spray

While I'm not much of a fan of golden weapons, I must admit its quite generous of Blizzard to offer up an entire "free" weapon to everyone that reaches rank 65 and above, especially since you could find yourself there right after the placement matches. The only complaint I really have is that there is no extra reward for those of us stuck far above 65, yet not high enough to reach Top 500, but that's a minor complaint at best given that the increased quality of games is its own reward.

As far as the golden weapons are concerned, I'm going for Zarya's cannon because nothing says tacky better than carrying an entire slab of pure gold along with you:

Overwatch's competitive reward - Golden Zarya gun