Artwork for a canceled Overwatch comic

Blizzard has announced today that they are creating a brand new book-publishing label by the name of Blizzard Publishing. As you would expect given the name, its purpose will be to publish and re-print novels, comics, and coloring books based on Blizzard's games, while also keeping a firm grip on their quality and accuracy towards lore.

The first books published under this new label include two sets of previously released novels, as well as two volumes of the Warcraft Legends manga. If you're interested in the specifics, here's the full list of books and their authors:

Blizzard Legends

Warcraft: The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb

Warcraft: Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden

World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden

Blizzard Manga

Warcraft Legends: Volume One, with stories by Richard A. Knaak, Dan Jolley, and Jae-Hwan Kim

Warcraft Legends: Volume Two, with stories by Richard A. Knaak, Dan Jolley, and Aaron Sparrow

While those are certainly the 'big hits' from the newly published collection, Blizzard has also released a brand new, original title - the World of Warcraft Adult Coloring Book. But before you get wild ideas about Taurens and Blood Elves, allow me to interrupt you by saying that this is the other type of adult coloring book - the one where you get to put your own touches to various pieces of concept art, sketches, and scenes from all across Azeroth.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you can find both the World of Warcraft Adult Coloring Book and all of the books mentioned above over at the Blizzard store. Personally I would suggest you avoid Richard A. Knaak's work unless you don't mind overpowered characters that can do no wrong, and instead go with Christie Golden as her work is more grounded in the established lore. But whatever you choose I hope you have fun with it, there are some great Blizzard novels out there!

World of Warcraft Adult Coloring Book cover page artwork