Blizzard's Championship Circuit has one heck of a prize pool

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's answer to the ever rising popularity of Dota 2 & League of Legends and while it aims at a much more casual audience its prize pool is hardcore indeed.

In a recent blog post Blizzard announced that their Championship Circuit, which is already underway for many regions, will have an overall prize pool totaling more than $4,000,000. Here's the image that came with the announcement to explain how the ladder will work:

Heroes of the Storm Spring Championship Circuit ladder

While I have my doubts about the casual nature of HOTS translating well in to a competitive environment I am rather interested in seeing how all of this will pan out. If nothing else, having more competition in the MOBA genre (and I hate how generic that term is) will be for the betterment of all so good luck Heroes of the Storm, I have a feeling you'll need it as you're going up against giants.

The regional tournaments currently running are: Taiwan, South East Asia, Latin America, Korea and China with the rest following suit in the coming months. You can find a more detailed schedule, VODs and live-stream links over at the Blizzard post so I'd recommend you head over there if you're in to some HOTS action.