Black Desert Online Valencia expansion screenshot of a trading post

While I certainly have my own issues with Black Desert Online, most notably how bare-bones the PvE aspects of the game are, its still impressive that the second expansion is releasing a mere few months after the previous one.

Valencia Part 1 will be arriving to Black Desert Online on the 1st of June, and bringing with it hundreds of new quests, mounts, weather effects, armor/weapons/accessories, as well as an update to the enhancement system so that it can go to +20. While there is no official trailer for the Western version of the Valencia expansion you can check out the one released last year to get a glimpse of the things to come:


The main feature of the Valencia expansion is the brand new desert region that is designed to be quite ruthless towards those ill-prepared. Once inside you will no longer be able to see yourself on the world map and will have to rely on your senses in order to orient yourself in the wast wasteland, and if that wasn't enough, the fierce sandstorms will be draining your health every couple of seconds until you die.

To protect yourself from the harsh elements you will need to bring adequate clothing, and also the newly added tents that can be used as cover during the randomly occurring sandstorms. Naturally, the expansion is not all about mercilessly beating the players down into a pulp, there will be treasure to dig up, camels and elephants to tame, new and powerful monsters to hunt, and so forth.

Finally, the long awaited PvP feature, the Node/Castle Siege warfare, will begin on June 15.

You can read a few more tidbits about Valencia over at the official website.

Black Desert Online Valencia expansion screenshot of a Centaur