Black Desert Online's next expansion contents have been revealed

Black Desert Online is a game I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with, but ever since the free Mediah expansion arrived there is so much content available to players that its hard to stay angry at it.

Things are set to become even better in the future as Pearl Abyss (the developers) recently held a press conference in Soul announcing some of the biggest changes and additions coming to Black Desert Online. Thankfully, DualShockers translated the entire announcement to English, so if you're looking for all of the details on the upcoming features I recommend you head over there, I will cover only what I believe are the biggest additions:

• A massive explorable ocean will be added and frequently updated with new water-based content.

A huge and mysterious continent lies on the other side of the ocean, you will initially only be able to use it as a base for trade

• Trading, and combat ships will be added, you will be able to craft them yourself or with a guild

The Elven land of Kamasilve is being added, and with it the Dark Elf class which might be gender-locked

Tier 9 horses are being added and will include a hellsteed(!), a pegasus and a lovely unicorn whose primary ability is impaling people on its horn.

You will be able to ride elephants as specialized trading mounts

A variety of co-op focused content is being added, the emphasis is on the PVE side of things

Voice chat is being added

Keep in mind, however, that these features are being announced for the Korean version of Black Desert, and even though the Western one is catching up rapidly we still aren't there yet as we lack both the Kunoichi and Ninja classes, the desert of Valencia, and more.

That said, some of these additions (such as the Dark Elves) will be arriving in the summer, and given how quickly the Western version received the Mediah expansion it isn't out of the question for us to get this content in the near future as well. I wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up just yet, but its well worth keeping an eye on the Black Desert website over the coming months.

As a final note, here's what the three new horsies look like:

Black Desert Online Unicorn horn

Black Desert Online's expansion brings the Hellsteed

Black Desert Online Pegasus