A monk in training.

Its been years and years since I've last seen or heard anyone mention Jade Empire. It might look and feel a bit like a martial arts version of KOTOR but its a fun game in its own right with a very rather unique Asian style.

Jade Empire: Special edition is currently free on Origin so if you want to experience the only martial arts RPG around give it a try it.

As far as my recollection goes I remember being really engrossed in Jade Empire back when I played it, probably 9 or 10 years ago. One thing that vividly stuck with me over the years is its style. There aren't that many games in the west that are almost entirely themed after Asian legends and lore which is a real shame since it could make some really amazing games, as Jade Empire proves.

One thing I do remember being less than amazing with Jade Empire is the combat system. Unlike previous Bioware games they tried to go for more of an action-orientated battle system but they couldn't get it just right. It never felt as fluid as it should've been and I remember that my younger, less experienced, self being able to completely break the game's difficulty through some builds.

But overall I remember Jade Empire in a positive light and I feel confident in saying that if you're a fan of Bioware games you're going to enjoy this one as well. Give it a try, it is after all completely free.