Bioware's Explorers Wanted contest for Mass Effect

If you ever wanted to make your own mark on the Mass Effect universe, now is your chance. Bioware's Explorers Wanted contest is looking for talented voice actors to breathe life into one of the characters in an upcoming Mass Effect game, most likely Andromeda.

All you need to do is download one of the two available scripts, record and upload your best performance by September 28th, and send all of that to Bioware. Its just as simple as it sounds, but if you're still confused here's a brief 'tutorial' video Bioware provided. Just bear in mind, shooting rockets at the Bioware HQ is not an accepted way of submitting your entry... just in case you were wondering after watching this. Here's the video:


There is a bit of a catch, however. This contest is only open to the residents of the US, Canada (excluding Quebec for some reason), New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. Furthermore, you have to be of legal age in whatever country you live in or else your application will be denied. You can find all of the rules, the two scrips, and other such information over at the contest website.

The final thing you need to know is that there is no guarantee your voice will be used in Mass Effect: Andromeda, or even at all. These are just the realities of game development as sometimes even the "certain" content can be drastically changed or even cut due to a variety of problems. On the positive side, I highly doubt this worst case scenario is going to happen given that Bioware has decided to go through this whole contest in the first place.

And there you have it, that's all you need to know. Good luck with your entry, and do try to have fun with the recording!