Bioware is asking their fans if they want a Dragon Age Tactics game?

Despite the latest two Dragon Age games veering heavily to the more action orientated side of the RPG spectrum I still have a soft spot for Origins and its more slow, methodical approach to combat.

And it seems I'm not the only one because in a recent twitter message executive Producer Mark Darrah asked if there was any interest in a tactical Dragon Age game. He even included a poll which is currently weighed heavily towards the "Yes" style of answers. Here's the message and the current poll counts:

Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?

Yes - 49%

Only On PC - 23%

No - 22%

Only On Mobile - 6%

9758 Votes Cast

In a few follow up tweets Mark Darrah also stated that the currently theoretical Dragon Age Tactics game would be a part of the official canon although it wouldn't be Dragon Age 4 but rather a spin-off game. I hope this also means there will be plenty of unique and interesting characters to interact with and lore to uncover as that might just be my favorite part of Bioware games.

The poll will close in only a couple of hours so if you want to make your vote count and potentially ensure that a Dragon Age Tactics game goes through the green-lighting process then head over to Mark Darrah's twitter and make yourself heard.