Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative screenshot

Even though Mass Effect: Andromeda is still many months away, Bioware has decided this is the perfect time to release not just one, but two teaser videos showcasing what Andromeda has to offer. But best of all, one of them is focused around action, while the other is almost entirely focused around lore, so no matter what your preference is you'll be able to find something of interest.

Since it contains a lot more original footage, as well as a brief shot of what I assume is the 'big bad guy', I would recommend starting with the action orientated video. As for spoilers, I would argue that the whole video is edited in such a way that you'll most likely leave with more questions than answers, so feel free to give it a look:

While that trailer was a bit too generic for my tastes, especially with all of the fast-paced editing that left me in a complete daze, the second video is much more intriguing. There's no action scenes or even anyone getting obliterated by an alien relic - its just one character describing the Andromeda Initiative and our role within it. And you know what? It got me way more interested in Mass Effect: Andromeda than the trailer above! So give it a look, I found it to be quite captivating:

If all of this got your interested piqued and you're now wondering when can you give Andromeda a try, I'm afraid the answer is "not soon enough". To be slightly specific, you can expect to see Mass Effect: Andromeda in the second quarter of 2017, barring any delays that might spring up between now and then. But on the positive side, there's a few more tidbits of information you can absorb over at the Andromeda Initiative website, so if you're hungering for more, give it look!