Screenshot of four characters from BioWare's Anthem action-RPG

Anthem is an upcoming co-op action-RPG that's all about mowing down hordes of enemies while wearing what is essentially an Iron Man suit. As you might expect from this type of game, you will be able to choose from a variety of unique weapons and abilities, as well as different styles of mech-suits in order to find your ideal method of slaughtering everything stupid enough to stand between you and shiny loot. It's not exactly the most original concept in the world, but if executed well it could be a whole bunch of fun, especially since co-op is involved.

Whether it's any good or not, however, that is something you're going to have to wait for quite a while in order to find out as BioWare has just recently announced a delay. It would appear that instead of the long-standing "fall of 2018" release date Anthem will be coming to PC and consoles at some point in early 2019. The reason, as always, is that the developers need a just a little bit more time in order to get everything polished up and ready to go.

There really isn't anything else to say about the delay, so if you would like to learn more about Anthem, or just follow its development moving forward, I would suggest you head over to the official website. And finally, let me send you off with one of last year's gameplay previews. The acting is far too cheesy for my liking, but the video itself should still give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Anthem. Enjoy!