Binary Domain, Streets Of Rage 2 & Condemned are currently free

Sega's Make War Not Love competition for free DLC rages on and once again the honorable Space Marines from Dawn of War 2 are in a sizable lead.

With the second round of voting finished Sega has released three new games for everyone to enjoy: Binary Domain, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Streets of Rage 2. You will find the download instructions and brief descriptions of each game below:

Binary Domain is on first glance a generic third person cover shooter and even though that description is pretty accurate I found it to be quite charming and well worth the €5 I spent on it a while back. As long as you go in to it with an open mind you'll find the characters amusing and the action a well paced spectacle.

Streets of Rage 2 is one of the most famous brawlers out there and a game I've spent far too many hours playing while never actually managing to beat it as a kid. If you enjoy classic beat-em-ups full of dudes to punch, kick and shank you'll find plenty of that in Streets of Rage 2.

Condemned: Criminal Origins is my personal favorite out of the bunch but I'm afraid it simply hasn't aged well and more modern players might find it too clunky for their taste. But if you can get past that Condemned is one of the most terrifying and physical horror/detective game out there and I'd fully recommend you experience it, at least the first few hours.

In order to redeem this batch you'll need to disable any sort of ad-block or tracker-blocker software you might have because the button on the Make War Not Love website will not work otherwise. Once you do simply press the white Redeem Prize button located on the bottom part of the page and after you confirm your email you will be eventually be sent the codes.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye on the Make War Not Love website because in two days another set of three games will be released, this time around starring Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops & Viking: Battle for Asgard.