Artwork showing Fallout 76 alongside the Fallout Classic Collection

To say that Fallout 76's launch has been troubled would be one gigantic understatement. Besides the usual Bethesda bugs, Fallout 76 also featured a variety of gameplay problems and strange design decisions, all of which combined to create a bit of a mess. However, in an effort to correct these problems, as well as at least partially restore the community's trust, Bethesda immediately announced and subsequently released two massive patches. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done for Fallout 76 to live up to its potential, but there is at least hope that Bethesda will eventually get there.

So if you need something to pass the time while Bethesda fixes Fallout 76, you might be interested to hear that they are giving away the Fallout Classic Collection on PC to anyone that has logged into the full release of Fallout 76 in 2018. While no date has been given just yet, you can expect to see the Fallout Classic Collection added to your account at some point in early January.

For those of you wondering whether the oldschool Fallout games are even worth playing, I would say the answer is yes if you're willing to endure some of the jankiness that comes with games from that era. Personally, I'd recommend starting with Fallout 2 as it's the most well-rounded and 'modern' of the trio, though Fallout 1 is also pretty good once you get used to the way it works. Just don't start with Fallout Tactics as it's a much different game than you would expect given the Fallout name.

Have fun, and don't let the timer discourage you from exploring the world!