Doom multiplayer modes revealed

With Doom's May 13th release date fast approaching, Bethesda has started unleashing a whole barrage of Doom announcements, first starting with the 9 multiplayer maps, and now showcasing the gameplay modes themselves.

While there are some standard modes in there like Team Deathmatch and Clan Arena, there are also some rather interesting twists on the classic FPS modes of old. Here's the announcement video giving you a brief look at each mode, and my short overview of what's coming:


I'll go over the multiplayer modes in the order they appear in the video:

• Soul Harvest offers a slightly different take on the standard free-for-all deathmatch by making it so its not the kills that count, but rather the souls that are left behind. Whether you will need to deposit these souls, or if simply collecting them is enough, is don't know, but at the very least Soul Harvest will keep you moving and the action flowing.

• Freeze Tag is by far the most interesting of the announced game modes. Rather than being able to kill your enemies, doing lethal damage will freeze them instead. The only way to thaw out a player from their icy grave is for one of their allies to stand next to them for what feels like an eternity (but is actually a couple of seconds). What this means is that either everyone plays as a team, or ends up as an intriguing discussion piece in someone's mansion, and that's something I very much welcome, the team part anyway.

• Warpath is essentially King of the Hill, but with a moving capture point which adds an interesting element to a rather common game mode. It might not be the flashiest thing out there, but its certainly looks like a fun enough mode to run around in and throw unaware people into lava.

• Clan Arena is just as you would imagine, an arena where two teams get to duke it out in a show of impressive skill and worrying dedication to the art of FPS gaming. While it seems exclusively reserved for competitive play, there's always the option for Bethesda to launch in-game tournaments in an effort to introduce a lot more players into what is undoubtedly going to be one of Doom's least popular, but still important, game modes.

• Domination was shown for a stunning 3 seconds so its difficult to tell what it is exactly, but from my Sherlockian ability of deduction, and the fact that it sports a control point, I'd imagine this is your standard capture/defend type of a game mode.

• Team Deathmatch, need I say more?

With the multiplayer modes no longer a worry, there's only one important question that remains: how does Doom play on the PC? For some reason Bethesda has been avoiding this particular question for a while now, what with every gameplay video being played with a controller, which leaves me just slightly scared that Doom might not be as fast-paced as they would like us to believe.

Conspiracy theories aside, Doom will be releasing on May 13th, with an open beta test for those that preordered the new Wolfenstein starting on March 31st. Everything will be revealed at that point.