Quake Champions giant eyeball on a map

With QuakeCon 2016 now finally underway, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that one of Bethesda and id's front-liners is the upcoming skill-based arena shooter Quake Champions, designed from the ground up to be a return to the glory days of PC gaming.

Rather than simply talk about the return to Quake 3: Arena style of gameplay, Bethesda has also released a brief gameplay trailer showcasing rocket-jumps, bunny-hops, plenty of weapon pick ups, and naturally, a whole lot of weird aliens getting splattered across the floor. Have a look:


If you're worried Quake Champions is going to end up like Doom's multiplayer mode, ie. the most slow and generic arena shooter known to man, worry not as it seems to have the right ideas in mind. There will be no loadouts, no limits to the amount of weapons you can carry, and best of all, no accommodations for controllers given that Quake Champions is being created purely as a fast-paced PC shooter. To further prove their commitment to this whole idea, Bethesda has also announced that there will be no framerate lock and that the action will be running at 120hz, which should lead to some silky smooth aiming.

While its still too early to say whether Quake Champions is going to be any good or not, I must say that I'm both surprised and impressed Bethesda is willing to take a gamble at resurrecting the PC arena shooter genre, something that hasn't existed in the "mainstream" for well over a decade now. Its been quite a while since I've had a good dose of fast-paced rocket-jumpy action in my life, so here's to hoping Quake Champions manages to deliver on its promises and truly be the fast-paced FPS many of us have been craving for years.

Quake Champions will head into closed beta at some point next year and while the release date isn't announced just yet, you can sign up on the official website and get an update the moment it is. As for QuakeCon itself, its set to last until August 7th, so expect to see a whole lot more from Quake Champions over the next few days.