Battlerite artwork for Jamila the Shadowblade Assassin, the latest hero

After spending what feels like an eternity in the pre-season, Battlerite's very first competitive season has now finally arrived! Besides the the leaderboards, the first season has also brought with it a pre-game lobby to help you better coordinate your picks with your allies, a brand new reward system that will have you pursue a variety of quests in order to unlock fancy cosmetic prizes, and perhaps most importantly of all, a highly aggressive new champion to play around with - Jamila, the Shadowblade Assassin.

If you're wondering what exactly Jamila is all about, allow me to share with you the recently posted Champion Preview video, as well as the brief cinematic trailer that served as her initial reveal. Have a look, it's quite an interesting character:

In order to celebrate the start of the very first competitive season, the developers have also unleashed a double experience event that will run until March 12th. So if you ever wanted to grab a certain cosmetic outfit but you simply didn't have the currency to do so, now would be a very good time to try again as the loot boxes should pile in by the dozens!

You can learn more about the above mentioned features, as well as check out the full patch notes, by heading over to the official website. Have fun with the new hero, and good luck with your adventures in competitive play!